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Patrick O’Neill is the artist and songwriter otherwise known as Like Lions. His latest release, a song called Older, makes for a bright and beautiful introduction to his work – and an easy addition to the long-term playlist.

Older is a deeply thoughtful track, one that ponders life itself and our roles within the world. This is presented not just by the lyrics but by the entire set-up and structure of the piece. O’Neill makes certain to utilize musical contrast in order to highlight the underlying sentiment of contrast and difference in general – the changes we go through, what it means to grow and to age. There’s a poetic undertone to the whole thing, metaphors and imagery pour through, and the quieter moments lead entrancingly towards those with notable rhythm and vibrancy.

Stylistically, Older takes the form of a pop song with a trip-hop or ambient production twang. For the most part, what you take away is the heavy groove of the beat, the addictively satisfying simplicity of the melody – particularly the hook – and the generally reflective nature of both the lyrics and the singer’s voice. All of this is impressive, detail by detail, but the way the whole thing works as one is what gives it such a natural warmth and flow.

The song is well crafted, familiar in some ways but also conceptual and considerate enough to provoke a deeper level of thinking. A gorgeous new release and a timeless, interesting song that will be well worth revisiting. The entire Like Lions catalogue to date is actually equally beautiful. Stunning music from a dedicated and contemplative artist.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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