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Showcasing a uniquely reflective sense of self-awareness, and an inspiring understanding of the world around him, Like Lions addresses the issue of money and inequality with this beautifully addictive new single.

From subtle beginnings, the leading voice grabs attention amidst a softly synth-soaked ambiance. Keys and colors rain down, and meanwhile a quickly engaging melody poses thoughts of the past and lays out detailed imagery.

Then we get the rise and resolve of the hook, a melodic moment that’s beautifully immersive and impossible to ignore – and which effectively rounds up the personal detail of the verses in an accessible, easily relatable fashion.

Tackling capitalism in a genuine, heartfelt and emotive manner, Funny takes seemingly simple concepts and references, such as everybody working for the weekend – a vastly familiar reality, that we rarely stop to think about – and it prompts you to take a moment to really look inwards and figure out what truly matters in life.

A beautiful song, powerful, soulful, loaded with character yet crafted with likable pop sensibilities – the sort that make sure that hook lingers in your mind long after listening.

I’m reminded, conceptually, of Phil Collins from way back when. The style though, the sound, is brilliantly contemporary, and organic to an impressive degree. You can visualize the live show, and this helps really strengthen that connection between artist and audience.

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“The least fortunate in our society end up at odds with each other, economic stress and lack of proper healthcare and nutrition consistently taking years off the lives of the poor. I think a lot less about money these days, and lot more about my time.”

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. Rebecca, thanks for the great review! This song and this artist is amazing! I encourage you to listen to his other work!!

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