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LifeSpiral MJR Trapped In Void (Feat. MOJI)


Organic indie rock guitar sets an evocative then intensely uplifting vibe, as LifeSpiral-MJR returns with an immersive and riff-laden anthem for outsiders.

Something of an anti-mainstream hit, blending emo-rock and shoe-gaze with exotic twists of world-music and psychedelic sound-play, Trapped In Void offers just enough of the familiar to enhance the profound escapism of everything else in its makeup. The lyrics are deeply poetic, heartbreaking, and connect for their honesty and humanity as much so as the imagery and ideas provoking thought.

Meanwhile, there’s nostalgia in the guitar sound and the live drums and pace, the distance of the vocal mix, and always we get that enchanting edge of cultures intertwining in the unexpected meeting of instruments and tones.

“No soul is found in the world outside…”

Style takes something of a backseat in favor of feeling and mood with Trapped In Void – listeners can lose themselves in the personal attributes and vast ambiance of the song from the opening moments, and connect all the more so with the lyrics and inflections as things progress.

Coming in at over six minutes in full, the single is intensely confronting but also euphoric at its peak, and as the final hook repeats and the guitar spirals off and away, the sentiments and sensations culminate for an explosive and memorable experience; one overflowing with genuine emotions and reflections on life.

There’s lingering optimism in the words, the outro and the overall chord progression and embrace of the soundscape, and for this we can be grateful, but it’s not without that essential realism and heart that first makes the journey so intoxicating.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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