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Life As Mary Deconstructed


The unmistakable Life As Mary are on form once again, though with an admittedly different sound and style for this release.

Deconstructed takes a brief step away from the high energy punk-pop aura of before, seeing Life As Mary adopt a classic pop vibe that feels nostalgically inspired by the nineties – even a little country pop for its softness, space, and melodic development. There’s a hint of Natalie Imbruglia to certain moments, but all in all you’re left with a crisp, thoughtful and clean alternative to modern pop.

As always, the songwriting speaks for itself – a long-form melody helps tell a story that captivates, and the simple organic set-up compliments and reinforces this progression flawlessly. The track gathers momentum throughout, resulting in a spiraling chaos of energy and optimism during the final third. The hook circles around you, repeating and building up even more-so every time – meanwhile it sinks in quickly, leaving you singing along in an instant, and even considering the poetic depth underneath it all.

This is something of a humble yet effective hit of songwriting, recorded in true Life As Mary fashion, but offering something refreshing that showcases a whole other side to the songwriter and the band.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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