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Liam Doherty We’ll always have Nashville


Country rock straight from the relatable depths of Liverpool – The UK’s own Liam Doherty masters the sound and style of the genre, and pairs that with brilliantly uplifting, catchy songwriting.

We’ll always have Nashville is the brand new ten-track album, a project that kicks into gear with the unmistakable anthem True Love, and proceeds to showcase its musical prowess and passion from here on in.

Featuring the multi-instrumental talents of Liam Doherty throughout, We’ll always have Nashville is everything its title implies, but is also refreshingly raw and real sounding. Consider the painfully clean and pop-like sound of much of the current Country landscape, given the genre’s explosive popularity of late, and you’ll likely appreciate the honest and organic performance and recording of this project.

That quality shines brightly form the moment Lo Maravilloso de la Vida starts to play, and ultimately unites beautifully with the heartfelt and comforting songwriting presented throughout.

A genuine joy to let play, Liam Doherty captures a unique twist on the country rock genre, and effectively lets the very idea of ‘genre’ slip away somewhat. This instrumentally masterful album celebrates music and songwriting, and delivers a wealth of melodies, solos, grooves and feelings along the way.

Absolutely worth a few listens this season, and I look forward to catching a live show sometime soon.

Download or stream We’ll always have Nashville. Find Liam Doherty on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

Rebecca Cullen

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