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Levi Grxce KING


Classic creativity from Levi Grxce shines brightly throughout the conscious and contemplative 2021 album KINGnot least of all for the closing and title-track.

Doubled-vocals present an instantly rhythmic, catchy progression, intertwining poetic ideals with contemporary observations in a bold and beautiful way. Even the spoken, cinematic fragments elevate the experience brilliantly, the conceptual depth of the track standing taller still as the closing moments wrap up a captivating journey.

Musically simple yet likable, Levi Grxce captures a strong groove and at the same time employs subtle hints of artistry in the production and additional instrumental layers. KING is a fine example, familiar keys and a looping riff back up classic Hip Hop bass with a twist of Jazz and World Music. Humble but effective, hints of sax and oriental strings feature amidst an otherwise simple rap anthem of storytelling and musical good vibes. There’s darkness in the lyrics, and this contrasts the optimism of the production – another quality Levi Grxce is no stranger to delivering.

Massively enjoyable, mellow yet passionate, compelling to listen to in full – KING showcases the natural ability of Levi Grxce as both audio designer and writer. Easily a highlight from the repertoire, the song balances familiarity and the unknown in an impressive way, and will hopefully get the true music and authentic Hip Hop fans quickly interested in streaming the KING album in full.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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