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Lev Mikulitski No Competition


Lev Mikulitksi gets things off to a great start, with the vocal rasp and acoustically rising anticipation of No Competition.

Building up from what feels like a folk-rock anthem in the making, into a piano-led dance-pop realm of higher energy and conceptual inspiration, No Competition ultimately introduces a songwriter with a clear ability to frame ideas in a melodically enchanting way.

The production is great, fairly classic but structured in a manner that allows the evolving passion to really capture attention. The performance has a touch of realism about it, unedited authenticity, which is quite refreshing, and feels like a welcomed part of the genuine indie folk clarity of the delivery on top of this fuller production.

The set-up is fairly honest overall, the voice likable and genuine, and the lyrics focus on optimistic thinking and motivation. That’s the key, in the end, a motivational anthem with a four-to-the-floor pulse and a multitude of poetic but accessible references that remind you to take action. The title No Competition quite effectively represents these traits, but also offers an interesting take on the topic once you delve in.

A self-defined master strategist in the game of life, Lev Mikulitski approaches music with a background as a renowned author and serial tech entrepreneur. His industry savvy intentions let the stylistic warmth of the track take the wheel, while his purity and presence with the pen clearly lets the ideas and patterns of the writing draw you in increasingly as things roll along.

The creative father of three has written this one from the heart, and there’s a defiant strength in the song’s ability to be both acoustic and a full-band explosion of possibility and uplift. That versatility should help the track connect across genres and stages. It’s a worthy style, rather timeless by nature, and I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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