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Leuca Delicate


Songwriter and artist Leuca embraces audiences with ease as the subtle acoustic groove of Delicate softly pours through the speakers.

Creating an immediately emotive and warm ambiance, the acoustic guitar-led sound of the track is soon accompanied by a smooth and equally gentle vocal – one that brings in a surprinsgly RnB-kissed melody, and deeply intimate lyrics; poetically relaying a tale of love and separation.

Beautifully refreshing in detail, Delicate is something of a modern day love song – with a powerful edge of realism. The sound is notably timeless, simple and organic in essence, with a mildly creative beat woven in for a cleanly mixed pop feel.

As the track builds, this pop quality increases in an again subtle manner – further vocal layers intertwine and rain down all around, along with dashes of further keys, synths, rhythms; echoes of intricacies, all of which works as one to portray a clear sense of passion building up.

Leuca has not only written and performed this single from a place of genuine heart, but the very structure of the song cleverly underlines the progression from quiet uncertainty to absolute desperation and longing. The final quarter sees this outcry strike with a euphoric kind of power, ultimately making the song an easy go-to for those looking to escape into music with broken hearts and tired minds.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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