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LENAR Tears In Love & Life


Five original tracks, designed and dedicated to offering the depth of musical escapism and thoughtful, soulful writing and performance. LENAR leads with a clearly contemplative nature, and the gentle ambiance and soulful, expressive delivery of even just the opening track speaks volumes on behalf of this.

Last Day On Earth Theme Song features a wash of audio and deep thought, emerging as provocative, artistic, and intriguing in terms of its effective pathway into the rest of the project.

As Murdered in My Imagination follows on, this reverb-soaked style with distant vocal-repeats proves true to the LENAR sound and style. Here we get a rhythm and piano-led melody though, a fuller sound overall, and specific repetitions that leave certain lines really lingering amidst the atmospheric quiet.

The finish is fairly raw on these songs, feeling like a live performance in many ways, in a hallway or church perhaps. You get the impression that this is in fact where things would really come into their own – witnessing the songs in real time, the artist lost in the moment.

When Life Breaks You comes afterwards, and now it’s easy to recognise the threads throughout the project. The melody is similar, the piano-work too, even the beat and pace. The concept is a little more personal, perhaps more real and less imaginative than the prior two – you’re getting closer to the artist, building a stronger connection.

For How First Flight Feels, things take a slightly new turn – a touch of hip hop intertwines with a sense of intensity and a varied flow, incorporating both melody and spoken word. Meanwhile this ambient dream washes over once again, and you’re engaged in this moment of consideration with the artist – allowing your own experiences and memories to fill in the gaps. The piano-work leads naturally into Theme to bring things to a relevant finish.

This entire EP is notably conceptual, almost feeling like several different parts of a single song or idea. There’s meaning to the work, an intention to the writing and the mood offered by the music, and given that the style is so recognisable once you’ve experienced it, the prospect of future projects from LENAR is a decidedly promising one.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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