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Lella Daniels Follow You


Organic beginnings lead us rather beautifully into a dance-pop-ready ambiance and catchy realm of songwriting with this interesting new alt-pop single from Sweden’s Lella Daniels.

Featuring an intriguing set-up from the offset, the track juxtaposes its own rising energy and musical optimism with a certain deeply reflective, emotional writing style. Lella’s voice, too, seems indicative of an artist lost in the sentiments of the moment, and all of this helps Follow You reach out and connect in a genuinely refreshing way.

Blending classic EDM potential with a notably more spacious, often minimalist arrangement, the song takes vocal moments as a chance to keep things simple, and takes those afterwords as an opportunity to immerse listeners in the pure energy of the beat.

There are equal parts contemporary production – synth choices, fragments of voice – as there are uniquely simplistic instances of calm and poetic purity. This idea of Follow You echoes out almost like an alternative anthem, and all the while we’re enveloped in this realm of mildly modern, mildly unpredictable creativity.

Beautifully done, unusual and structurally free from the confines of expectation. A strong introduction to an artist paving her own way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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