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LeGroy Five


Stylishly delivering the immediate fusion of emotive progression and heavily retro synths and rhythms, producer LeGroy crafts a brief yet striking and immersive arena of sound, with the superb new creative release Five.

Creative is the key, the track showcasing strength of ability in both the unorthodox intricacies and the sheer weight and immersive energy of the drops.

From the opening moments we’re thrown into an emotive realm of sci-fi-kissed, eighties-esque rhythm and colour and mood. Soon though, the entire landscape shifts gears, LeGroy toying with the very fabric of the piece and introducing indecipherable elements and layers for a chaotic, softly unsettling but ultimately euphoric composition – one that makes and breaks its own rules in a stylishly masterful fashion.

Resolving back to that melody and chord pattern towards the end, threads keep the concept alive, making Five recognisable. Then to mix things up one last time, we’re re-directed towards warped bass notes; a depth and darkness that disconcerts during the final moments.

Brilliant, artistically fresh, interesting, and still professional enough to connect and prompt a quick volume increase.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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