Lee $upreme x !BLAIR8Ø8 - Henneything Is Possible - Stereo Stickman

Lee $upreme x !BLAIR8Ø8 Henneything Is Possible


Sharp bars and smart rhymes bring up the energy and appeal of this rhythmically addictive new single from Lee $upreme and !BLAIR8Ø8.

Featuring contemporary trap rhythms alongside more nostalgic melodic bells and stylish bass, Henneything Is Possible starts off on a high and proceeds to maintain its confidence and character throughout.

‘I got a perfect circle, everyone a ride or die-er‘ opens things up and resounds repeatedly later on, grounding the track in anthem territory and making this a naturally memorable release.

Vocally versatile from one verse to the next, both artists deliver a performance uniquely recognisable and also loaded with clever wordplay and quirky references combined. The result is a piece that feels both relevant to the current scene, and refreshingly original in both design and lyrical detail.

The production is a little out there, unusual yet just enough so to appeal and stand out, and within this the rise and fall of that hook works perfectly well.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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