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Leah Brooke Early Sun


Blending atmospheric and intimate, organic elements across a dreamy and immersive three minutes seventeen, Leah Brooke’s single Early Sun makes fine use of poetic reflections, breathy vocals, catchy melodic refrains and sublime acoustic guitar work.

Leading with the stripped-back presentation of that rhythmic guitar, amidst subtle flickers of additional fingerstyle notes, Leah’s voice softly guides listeners through the longing and imagery of the song.

Immediately there’s a delicate folk presence to the style and delivery, which begs for cinematic accompaniment or naturally prompts the mind to wander as the energy builds.

Underneath this, a deeply personal story resides – the artist’s vision of a future trip, memories and anticipation united long before a journey with a loved one would take place. Accurate foresight depicting images of magical waterfalls, creeks and rivers, all finally came to light for Leah and her partner; thus the concept of Early Sun was born.

Featuring somewhat melancholic feeling, contemplative verses, Early Sun progresses beautifully towards the rise and uplift of a passionate and declarative chorus. Gratitude for the moment grows into outright admittance of love and unity, which works brilliantly given its stark contrast with the concern and uncertainty of the final section – the suddenness of tears and reference again to the cold.

Refreshingly humble by design, Early Sun delivers a decidedly personal storyline and performance, yet does so in a poetically vague enough way that it can easily be made the ‘our song’ for any and all listeners. The easy rhythm of that folk guitar shuffle, hints of instrumental melody, the additional vocal layers and harmonies to reinforce an ever-increasing emotion and energy – everything works faultlessly as one, climbing through the stages of the song towards that final enchanting resolve of ‘tell me I am yours and you are mine.’

Wonderful, in short – written from the heart and devoted to the expression and soul of its own sentiments throughout.

Check out Leah Brooke via her Website. Also head over & experience the stunning video & single Moonlight.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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