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Le Rive Don’t Wake the Dreamers


After making waves last year with her unique take on pop classics, Le Rive has released her first, long awaited original song, entitled Don’t Wake The Dreamers, and it’s every bit as impressive as expected, and then some.

Le Rive is no stranger to songwriting, and it shows in just about every way with this new single. Don’t Wait The Dreamers showcases an intense and rhythmic verse section that leads confidently up towards an beautifully entrancing, captivating chorus section. The strength and power of the hook is incredibly striking, it’s a delicate and beautiful song at its core, but those bigger moments hit with absolute impact due to the clever and precise way in which the songwriter has crafted the build-up.

On top of the writing, Le Rive’s vocal abilities and performance skills are second to none. It’s perhaps even more enjoyable to witness this piece as an original work of art, you get something of a more genuine mood from it – the poetic and expressive approach feels loaded with truth and connects more intensely because of this personal touch. The song comes through as incredibly dreamlike and blissfully easy to escape to; superb musical creativity shines brightly thanks to a high quality production job.

There’s so much subtle passion and power in the artist’s voice. The entire song, from the moment it begins, to those final few seconds, takes the form of a unique and mighty classic, with a brilliantly interesting and inspiring concept. This meeting of pop and trip-hop works gorgeously, the softly manic intro captures your attention, the spacious and reflective verses holds tight to it, then the hook explodes into life and satisfies in a hugely compelling and quite mesmerising way. It’s a stunning song and each time you listen you’re likely to appreciate some new detail that thoughtfully floats within the elements. A total pleasure to witness and I look forward to hearing more original songs from Le Rive.

Download or stream Don’t Wake The Dreamers here. Find & follow Le Rive on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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