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LAZORE Searching For Something


At the peak of an unrivaled year of solo musical success, the mighty LAZORE kicks things up a few notches, for the fast-paced and addictively melodic pop-punk-style Searching For Something.

Instantly gripping for its rising anticipation and clear desperation of melody and topic, Searching For Something is quick to achieve a strong balance between anthemic appeal and that essential singer-songwriter reflective realness that is renowned amidst the LAZORE repertoire.

Given the sheer pace at which the lyrics of Searching For Something pour through, the song delivers a lasting intrigue that will no doubt keep listeners coming back to listen more closely. And each time we do, we delve in with heart, and resolve to the simplicity of that hook – suddenly relatable, vague enough to connect to our own issues and the search for understanding, or that ‘something’; whatever it may be.

The production and set-up of this release is brilliant, which is nothing new for LAZORE but seems all the more impressive given the fullness of this distorted and real-time arrangement – and the faultlessly rhythmic, sharp and satisfying presentation of the vocal.

Coming in at a fairly lean and concise three minutes (and one second), even featuring a brief yet striking guitar solo within that time, Searching For Something highlights the ability, honesty, and audience awareness of the LAZORE sound, and hits with a little more soulful impact every time you replay it. The verses expose a deeply poetic sense of lostness and humanity – ‘I built it up to watch it fall’ resounds in a clearly personal manner, but does so with that crucial accessibility; again allowing the music to feel as if it was written purely for the listener.

LAZORE is a master of this approach to the craft, and Searching For Something is a powerful and catchy new track that further exemplifies the precision, skill, and passion at the heart of his work.

“I can’t be the only one who dies inside…”

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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