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Brilliantly stylised and structured rock made with passion, purpose and precision makes up the brand new self-titled EP from Lazore. It’s a project that introduces itself in a deeply-personal yet bold and immersive fashion, and that balance is quick to lure you in.

Beginning with the superb contrast and slick, smart vocals of Heyday, the Lazore sound explores personal uncertainty and the role of the self within the modern world. Meanwhile we progress from simple, spacious and cleanly-mixed layers, through an explosive hook section – the impact of which raises the bar further still for the overall, and showcases an all the more versatile, expressive and impressive vocal ability.

Interesting songwriting is an additional strength of the Lazore EP. These songs feel familiar to a point, nostalgic even in their hard rock and alternative energy, but each melody, riff and arrangement offers more notably original qualities than anything purely recognisable.

Consider the shift to Underrated, a little more indie-accessible, a tad reminiscent of the likes of the Foos or London’s Silver Bayonets. It’s that long-form verse writing, the warmth and melancholy intertwined, and the guy-next-door tone that allows the writing to really connect – shining light on a softer side to the Lazore intention.

For Would You Believe Me, crisp guitar-work sets the mood alongside lower-toned, poetic vocals, and rising anticipation builds beautifully with echoing effects and incoming rhythmic weight. It’s another bold and powerful hook, with stunning vocals both melodically satisfying and conceptually inspirational. Not only this, but the song is incredibly catchy – a winning combination of elements, in short.

For the penultimate track we get a pop-punk sound of fast-paced distorted power-chords and gritty rhythms. Another fresh melody, personal longing and poetry captivating from the outset. Things build and build, the early key change drawing you closer, the later guitar solo adding further appeal, and the completed set-up inviting distinct interest in a live show – something that would no doubt bring these songs to life in a whole different way.

Finally we delve into an again Foo Fighter’s-esque arena vibe, with the heartfelt and hypnotic Been Around. Our protagonist directly addresses the listener, and as the soundscape gathers energy and detail this proves all the more immersive and uplifting.

Whilst the Lazore EP is decidedly personal, any anecdotes are made vague enough to become the listener’s own. As such, the project feels authentically human, revealing and honest, whilst providing the perfect escapism, embrace, and antidote to times of difficulty. Well worth experiencing at volume, brilliantly-crafted and written from a place of sincerity and depth.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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