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LAZORE Just Another Day


Once again LAZORE captures a sensational guitar sound. Just Another Day is the brand new single, distinct in its own right but also unmistakable given the growing repertoire from a defiantly recognizable artist.

Impressively heartfelt and resolving from the solid patterns of the verses with a satisfying switch to the title for its hook, Just Another Day underlines the songwriting strength of LAZORE in unison with a fierce rock sound and devotedly contemplative lyrical depth.

The song connects initially for the sheer clarity and contrasting weight of the arrangement – fine production allowing these organic rock layers of distortion and the two-chord movement to really grace the airwaves.

Soon enough though, the song’s lyrics shine light on a captivating additional aspect – a deep-dive that seems more personal and detailed than anything before, and yet which still proves accessible; gifting just enough of that vague aura to be made the listener’s own. As such, the song reaches out with a little more emotion and power every time you delve in.

Backed by twenty-thousand monthly listeners on Spotify alone, LAZORE’s authentic and skillful rock sound is clearly making waves, and with the quick release of Just Another Day after the explosive success of Wanted Man, those waves look set to hit with all the more impact.

Single out June 30th. Find LAZORE on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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