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LAZORE Break Slowly


Consistently breaking down the barriers of genre, songwriter LAZORE continues to prove himself an artist through and through. The last single was stunning, and once again, though in a completely different way, the new release Break Slowly is boldly evocative and musically sublime.

Feeling like a stripped-back acoustic offering from a heavier rock project, LAZORE’s unmistakable rasp and vocal character add soulful depth to a simple presentation of short lines and alluring melody. Break Slowly pours through with timeless soft-rock seduction and a powerfully increasing degree of emotional longing.

Rising anticipation is a crucial aspect of Break Slowly, building things up with mystique and desire, towards an again simple, relatable and satisfying hook. This chorus, a huge moment of multi-layered voices and distorted chords, acts as a slowly breaking moment of calm and chaos intertwined – a superb representation of the underlying theme and central idea; as ever reinforcing that unrivaled artistry that is the LAZORE approach to modern music.

Beautifully compelling to listen to at volume, and just one of a plethora of independent hits that continue to draw in tens of thousands of LAZORE listeners every month.

Single out July 31st. Find LAZORE on Instagram, YouTube & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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