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Lauren Rosas Sweet Lies


Lauren Rosas returns with yet another uniquely ambient and striking alternative pop song.

Sweet Lies leads with a likable, mellow trip-hop beat, and Rosas’ own stylish and seductive vocals – the subtle strength of which bear the weight of the track’s concept and evolution throughout.

Easily a personal favourite from Lauren to date, not that her previous releases have ever fallen below par – far from it – this is simply something that creates a whole new vibe. The song remains glued to its own gradually developing concept in every possible way, the intensity rising just enough so to showcase that, yet the soundscape in full maintaining a level of swagger and soul that’s easy to escape within throughout.

If anything, this one could go on a little longer – classic trip hop hits from way back when could always thrive for five minutes and them some thanks to their clever way of balancing the smooth with the gritty. That’s precisely what Lauren has captured here, a moment of passion and deep thought, represented by an intentionally subtle shift from delicacy to peak emotion for that hook.

Beautiful, dark yet intriguing enough to provoke a few replays. Lauren Rosas is defiantly carving her own pathway, more and more so with each new single.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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