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Lauren Rosas Spaceage


Actress, model and musician Lauren Rosas holds nothing back when creating new music out of her own meandering and occasionally tumultuous experiences. Spaceage marks a beautiful example of this approach to creativity. Though her personal lyricism is not the first thing to strike, it is what ultimately lets the song connect on a profound level.

The first thing to grab you about this song is Rosas’ uniquely gentle yet raspy voice – there’s personality in the tone and in the way the lines are delivered. Whatever the lyric, you can hear that genuine belief in it – you can tell the song means what it claims to mean, that its purpose is one of self reflection and understanding. Meanwhile, as that voice reaches out, a mellow and lightly entrancing trip-hop soundscape fills the room. A simple chord progression, a few flickers of additional instrumentation – yet even with this, your focus is on the artist’s voice.

Lyrically this isn’t an overly dense or heavy piece of writing, Lauren Rosas addresses the uncertainty of life in a manner that makes the entire song feel like a journey to explore precisely that. The complexity of existence is considered in everything from these select few lyrics to the repeated phrases, and particularly in the emotion and delicacy of the delivery. Though there’s a subtle soulfulness to the performance, it’s also very quiet in nature, which gives the underlying sentiments additional poignancy.

Lauren keeps things real in an almost spontaneous, in the moment fashion, and by doing this – she allows the song to build bridges towards any number of listeners; those who have unexpectedly found themselves caught in a whirlwind of deep thoughts, questions, and uncertainty.

Spaceage is a musically simple release, but this quiet ambiance suits the intention of the writing beautifully – and, as mentioned, it lays bare Lauren’s voice so that the song’s depth shines as brightly as possible.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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