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Lauren Rosas Next Ride


LA’s Lauren Rosas returns this month with a brilliantly immersive new single and captivating video to compliment it.

Next Ride leads with a strangely compelling ambiance – effected, lower-toned vocals than usual, dreamlike in nature, offering poetic, vague and thoughtful lyrics that easily suit the contemplative aura of the soundscape. Structurally too, Lauren has written this well, the whole thing builds up brilliantly, with mildly familiar, accessible lyrics but presented in a slightly new and thus freshly appealing manner.

The video for this release is really well shot – slow motion clips of people dancing, moving, interacting, out in the desert; with a subtle breeze being a connective movement throughout it all. There’s also a vintage finish to the visuals, including a retro font, which leans towards the nostalgic vibes of nineties or even eighties movies; which is quickly inviting, and quite comforting to witness.

The scenes are all at once familiar and slightly strange, which holds tight to your attention. In the same instance, Lauren’s lyrics have a little distance to them – the effects add to this – so you’re drawn to the overall mood of the film and the song.

Certain lines really stand out well, and artistically these moments draw your focus to changes in the visuals. The instrumental drop to the hook also reinforces the visuals, with generally happier shots of smiling faces and excitement to coincide with the sudden jump in energy.

* * *

In the end I’ll fly like an eagle flies… Just because my white flag’s waving don’t mean that it’s over now…

* * *

Beautifully done, a personal favourite from Rosas so far, unique and interesting yet with just enough of those contemporary production qualities to let it appeal to broader audience.

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