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Lauren Rosas Let It Go (Feat. Ollie Joseph)


Throughout this single, Lauren Rosas stylishly fuses the soulful delicacy of a pop ballad, with the experimental energy of electronic music, and the rhythm and grit of hip hop. Complete with a beautifully shot set of visuals, the single and video release brings through Rosas’ immediately unique vocal style and her heartfelt, passionate way with writing in a quickly memorable way.

The way the song starts up presents the solo sound of a few piano chords, spacious and intimate, accompanied soon afterwards by a light, distant beat, and the singer’s own expressive and soft yet raspy leading voice. Slowly but surely, the concept and the music start to build in unison – intensity rises just subtly, holding on to the use of space and contrast before dropping into what is a decidedly effective hook. This moment resolves the angst and melancholy of the verses, the music and the lyrics walk hand in hand to represent the new presence of strength and overcoming – this central idea of letting it go.

Ollie Joseph’s rap vocal is the final building block to help give the single a striking sense of variety and dynamic. Still the moment suits the mood, his delivery is calm and confident, his lyrics poetic and in keeping with this inherent level of progression and empowerment. The song works well to uplift and inspire self-belief, and by the final minute the music has reach the fullness of a warm and engaging soundscape; with a simple, easily memorable hook. A notably recognisable song that introduces Lauren Rosas as having a pop sound of her own right now.

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