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Lauren Rosas come away


Lauren Rosas leads with a dreamlike vibe and a gentle, quietly characterful vocal on this latest, thoughtful and gradually intensifying dance-pop single come away. While there’s a lot that feels familiar about the single, there’s also plenty that feels genuinely original and appealing for its originality – and this evolves to be all the more true as the song moves forward.

The voice is a big part of this, certain intricacies and the softness and emotion soon build a brand new image before the listener – something fresh to connect with. The lyrics seem genuinely heartfelt at the very same time, which allows that voice to connect all the more notably.

From a songwriting perspective, there’s just enough about this release that seems equally unusual, yet there’s also something mildly familiar about the subject matter and the vibe. It seems like the sort of alternative, unexpected pop hit that listeners will take as their own – the kind of song you’re drawn to and naturally assume was written for purely you. The song’s hook also offers this anthem-like moment of near-tribal or world music inspired energy, which helps bring in other flickers of genre and again builds further on that sense of creative freedom.

come away is a great song, one that grows more and more enjoyable and impressive as it progresses and indeed with each new listen after that. There’s a humble and slightly raw approach about it, which lets the essence of the experience and its intention really reach out with authenticity and depth.

Featuring superb production from DJ’s Witz & Revived Space, the single is now available on all digital platforms. Find & follow Laruen Rosas on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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