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Lauren Davidson Pouring Rain


Ever since I’ll Drink To That began making waves for her in the music world, Lauren Davidson has been climbing higher and higher with her creativity and her career, and this latest single – a warm and passionate country-pop ballad – is a strong step in an even more fruitful direction for the singer and songwriter.

Pouring Rain is a beautiful song, musically bright and crisp, written in a manner that is both poetic and deeply personal – giving it that genuine human touch, that truthful essence that connects with audiences on a heartfelt level.

Things start off in a fairly mellow manner – though the soundscape is full and vibrant from the offset, the energy falls away to make room for Davidson’s gentle vocals and reflective lyrical honesty. The set-up lets every changing sentiment shine beautifully. The detail in the verses has a touch of melancholy about it, though the rise up to the chorus deals more with what’s been learned – what’s needed to move forwards, what’s next. Then the hook itself explodes into life, the singer’s vocal abilities move effortlessly from the subtle to the mighty, and the passion of the song really stands tall at this point.

Musically, the whole thing has so much power – the various building blocks walk hand in hand with the song as it develops and evolves. The hook is simple and memorable, effective and emotional, all of which you can hear would work well as a solo acoustic (live) performance, but that in this case is given additional strength thanks to a thoughtful and flawless production job. A full band show is where things would really captivate a larger audience.

Pouring Rain was written by Lauren and her father – country songwriter Danny Davidson. The song was produced by Bart Migal (Bjork) and Cristian Camilo Castro, mastered by David Browing (Katy Perry). Download it via iTunes. Find & follow Lauren Davidson on Facebook, SoundcloudTwitter & Instagram. Visit her Website for more information.

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