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Latent Anxiety Gorgeous Mystery


Gorgeous Mystery is a song that, in many ways, stands alone in its own world of genre and style. The opening few bars of music point towards an ambient, atmospheric, electronic piece of music. However, the leading vocal that soon comes into play offers up more of an eighties electronic rock sound – this is in the tone, the performance style, and notably the lyrics. As the music moves further along, the structure of the track is quite spectacular – becoming increasingly unpredictable, yet always returning to something melodically familiar; just to remind you of the thread and the core idea of the writing.

On the whole the track has a down tempo, electronic rock level of angst and style. The sound effects are experimental and unique as they fall in and out of the mix. The descending, distorted guitar part adds a certain rhythm and mood that brings with it a sense of darkness. It also brings a level of volume that makes a single listen far from enough to really soak up those lyrics. The great thing is though, the Latent Anxiety sound makes itself known in an instant, and the energy and expression given off by this piece consistently points in the direction of individuality and creative freedom. The more tracks you listen to from the album Salvation, the clearer this becomes.

The project’s sense of identity is unquestionable, and so many of the riffs and instrumental moments within this piece alone are refreshingly captivating. The more involved with the lyrics you get, the more that melody wraps itself around you, and the more intriguing and appealing the whole piece becomes. It’s an addictively memorable song and strongly showcases songwriter Ilja Rosendahl’s skill and centre as an artist.

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