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Last Weak BROKEN


Leading with an admittedly unique twist on contemporary metal – hard rock outfit Last Weak intertwine unexpected lashings of melody with indie-rock power-chord progressions and an interesting balance between intensity and softness.

BROKEN is their latest single, an impressively soulful, ethereal realm of voice and expression that’s equally powerful in its metal roar and distortion.

Last Weak fascinate with this release, a post four-minute single with an engaging structure as we delve into the various sections of the story and performance. On the one hand, the leading voice is gritty and piercingly intense, but on the other, the guitars offer recognisable and arena-like threads of melody and emotive momentum, and the secondary vocals echo out in the distance to further that deeply personal side of things.

The whole presentation feels intimate and genuine in its call of desperation, relaying the complex implications of what it is to be BROKEN in a way that feels authentically fresh. The musicianship is also on point, and this is reinforced throughout the other song to emerge under the BROKEN creative umbrella.

restless is dreamy and distant, enchanting and calm – musically delicate, before exploding back into that unmistakable Last Weak scream and tone as the energy multiplies to immensely impactful levels. Once again, contrast is masterfully employed, and the creativity and evocative sense of heart and purpose at the centre of the music is greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing more from this band.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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