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LA$ka 43:7


Kicking off this project from LA$ka is a track called 777, an immediately emotional, intimate and honest piece of writing, presented by a notably tired and equally emotional voice, and supported by a soundscape that’s lightly colourful but melancholic and reflective on the whole.

While there are dashes of recognizable, contemporary hip hop in the vocal effects and the beat, this considerate core seems to stand taller than that, so from the offset you get an image of LA$ka as fairly poetic and more of a deep thinker than most.

Though 777 is far from an upbeat anthem, it makes sense for something more delicate and open to begin the EP. It’s refreshing, and it sets the tone well – Feel Good follows on with a similarly dreamlike ambiance and an equally pondering lyricism that questions the world and the artist’s role with it.

Rarely do you get a series of enjoyable beats such as this, accompanied by actual lyrical substance – stories that stay on topic, as opposed to arbitrary rhymes or references in bars that purely seem relevant or popular right now. These same qualities continue throughout 43:7. It’s a collection to relax to, for the most part, there’s a calming aura to the whole thing, and it introduces LA$ka in a likable way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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