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LaQuinn Find Yourself


Find Yourself is an epic, intense few minutes of music and lyricism. The drama of the piece is one thing – the darkness, the poetry, the mood – however, rolling out alongside this, progressing and evolving in a completely fresh and unique way, is the gradually unraveling and then suddenly exploding musicality of it all.

The lyricism on this track is superb, but even on witnessing the words – it’s the flow of the leading artist, the passion and rhythm of the performance, that ultimately drive it in the most striking way possible. The music is fairly minimalist in many ways, the soundscape builds up towards the heaviness of house or dub-step in the distortion and the manic energy of it, but beneath everything is that thickness and confidence of hip-hop.

Structurally there’s a whole lot to appreciate about this release, and that adds a lot of value. Rather than rapping over some disconnected backdrop, or making things overly personal or inaccessible, the audience has been considered at every step, yet not to the disadvantage of the track’s individuality. It’s the perfect balance. The intensity is heavy and the personality is clear, the music builds and builds, develops and evolves, captivating you at every step and drawing you in further and further until the soundscape erupts into this manic and rhythmic, show-stopping EDM moment.

LaQuinn has mastered the artistry of original rap, rock, and creativity in general; this release is huge, loaded with passion and depth and attitude and the precise kind of vibes and lines that get people interested and keep them coming back for more. Whichever moment you press play at, the performance will astound you, and the underlying energy of the music will grab you. It’s refreshing, hardcore, memorable, and uniquely stylish in all the right ways.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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