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Langston Blu Amazing


Celebrating the win and overcoming in an inspiring, uplifting way, Langston Blu’s return unites retro piano, trap rhythms and smooth, soulful vocals, for the dreamy and aptly-joyful Amazing.

Blending qualities of hip hop and RnB across a three-minute five second lifespan, Amazing follows a lo-fi soundscape of keys, bass and rhythm, with subtle production inflections throughout for a colourful and creative journey.

On top of this, Langston Blu’s naturally gentle, raspy yet expressive voice proves unmistakable, softly celebrating the climb and the success or light at the end of the tunnel.

The verses delve into contemporary rap themes and personal turmoil and story, while the hook consistently resolves with this accessible, relatable concept of self-belief and generally feeling amazing.

The latter half in particular switches up the pace and flow a little, for a hit of versatility and rising passion that again remains well-rooted amidst the mood-boosting sentiments of the lyrics.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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