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Lah88 Stuck


Melodically alluring and refreshingly raw, Lah88 leads with minimalist, organic musicianship, alongside trap rhythms and simple lyrical repeats, throughout a revealing and honest Stuck.

Equal parts poetic and personal, Stuck follows a single melodic loop and emerges backed by a somewhat gritty guitar line that consistently descends.

The genre-free arrangement is uniquely creative, simple yet striking, and resolves just in time at the mid section to keep things interesting for the second round of rhythm.

Featuring a strong groove and a clear sense of identity, the song works its magic in terms of enchanting audiences and capturing interest for the rest of the Lah88 catalogue. With subtle oriental flavours in the distance, the second drop into the full groove is mighty, and as such the track hits with memorable impact.

Elsewhere Lah88 has been blending passion and work ethic consistently. The album LahLahLand kicks off with a deeply emotive Lost, and offers a more contemporary trap sound with auto-tuned vocals and smooth RnB outpourings.

Then we get carefree singles like Love Choppa, mixing things up further still with darkness, heavy bass and haunting overtones. And before this, the 2020 weight and creative intensity of You Weren’t My Soulmate. The simplicity was present early on – thick distortion and the minimal pairing of voice and rhythm for an again fearless yet memorable style.

In 2022, Wave Runner EP brought the likes of a cinematic, synth-soaked and dreamy All I Know, further building upon versatility and creative freedom in the Lah88 corner, whilst conceptually bridging the gap between artist and audience for that personal touch.

Then with Too Much, melody and production and vulnerability united faultlessly, for a smooth anthem that raised the bar to greater plains yet.

Lah88 keeps things artistic and professional, limitless and confident, across a multitude of original releases that continue to pour through.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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