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Ladonna Rama Move Your Body (Multicore Vocal Mix)


Freshly remixed from the uniquely colourful Animals album, acid tech and industrial producer Multicore takes on Move Your Body and injects a mighty hit of bass and reverberating rhythm to reignite the central energy of the track.

Six minutes-plus in time and not a moment too long, the remix offers a powerful sense of rising anticipation – not from quiet beginnings, but from the already intense pulse of that bass and beat combo.

Following this, further layers of industrial darkness captivate and seduce – warped and distorted layers meet with multiple fragments of voice for an addictively haunting yet energising mix.

Welcoming back the genuine escapism of the nineties and noughties sound-play dimensions but also notably adopting a freshly creative way with production, Multicore takes the Ladonna Rama sound to hypnotic new realms. The track builds and builds, then falls away, then rebuilds as something else – a new idea, still rooted amidst the relentless rhythm of that backdrop.

Impressively interesting in its own immersive, hard-hitting fashion, the new vocal mix manages to highlight the Multicore way with composition, as well as holding strong to that unmistakable Ladonna Rama disco feel and mesmerising tone of voice; even in its electronically doused setting, the persona stands tall.

Heavy and engaging, quickly prompting a volume increase, and out-rightly maintaining the essence of this concept that is Move Your Body – a track that’s difficult to ignore as it effortlessly commands you to shift gears.

Remix out July 30th. Check out Ladonna Rama on Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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