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Ladonna Rama Get Up On It (The Remixes)


Freshly remixed singles from the recently released album Animals, Ladonna Rama’s Get Up On It embarks upon a set of re-imagined creative routes.

The first of the two new releases is a He Said She Said Mix that extends the track to almost six minutes of hypnotic house, blending in those vocal layers just subtly, electronically soaked, within an otherwise pulsating dance mix that slowly but surely envelops its audience.

The vocoder-kissed vocal falls in and out of the mix, a new take on the tone and finish of the sound, and meanwhile the journey evolves consistently at an ultimately nostalgic pace that begs for dancefloor unity.

The second release is an Around the Back Mix of the same single, within which we really notice the contrast between what’s possible creatively with the roots of this song.

This version feels far more retro experimental, with spiralling synths and plenty of space, sudden drops and juxtaposed quietness – a plethora of samples from that original vocal scene. The voices are toyed with, intertwined, and the crisp clarity of the rhythm and bass notes makes for a more broadly accessible electro-pop vibe.

The final third allows the vocal layers and the rising anticipation to really multiply and take hold. And still, in both cases, the Ladonna Rama signature sound is unmistakable – there’s plenty of artistry left to explore, and never at the risk of losing that essential level of identity.

Grab the remixes from April 30th. Find & follow Ladonna Rama on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit their Website.

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