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LA Solution Center My Piranha


Having become an immediate fan of alt-rock outfit CIVILIANA since first stumbling upon their music last year, it was more than a little exciting to check out the new project from the band’s own Dan Ponich – and the sound refuses to disappoint.

Hitting the scene with hard-rock intensity and contrastingly mellow, indie-rock soaked verse lines – delivered by vocalist Calen Trentinim also of CIVILIANA – My Piranha is an absolute anthem of alternative energy and heavy riffs alike.

Utilizing juxtaposition to a fairly bold degree, the track offers plenty in the way of distorted rhythms and guitar licks as it does lyrical gems that quickly connect.

The whole thing feels a little Queens Of The Stone Age-like in its depth and sense of character, its subtle use of darkness and grunge. There’s also a dash of Arctic Monkeys in the vocal progression, the emotional vulnerability of it all.

Brilliant, a high volume, high octane hit of classic rock energy with a raw and contemporary edge of fresh writing and performance. Exactly what the scene needs right about now.

My Piranha also features Paul Trounce on drums, and mastering by Grammy Award-winning engineer Dave Collins. There are three other singles already in the pipeline for the new act LA Solution Center, and this release speaks volumes on what we can look forward to from those.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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