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CIVILIANA Carry a Light


CIVILIANA’s Carry A Light is a song that found itself at the top of our 2019 Hits Hard collection within less than a minute of it beginning to play.

Not only do the band offer precisely the authentic rock qualities of yesteryear – the grit, the skill, the melody, the passion – their songwriting in this case is brilliantly fascinating. Each new lyric that pours through intrigues and entrances further, and all the while the band’s leading vocalist presents the journey in an emotionally loaded, soulful and mildly raspy manner – all of which helps make this a stand out track from the year so far.

CIVILIANA have a great sound, perfectly passionate and simultaneously gifting listeners the uplifting groove and hit of a well-crafted rock classic. The alternative angle works well, there’s a melancholy aura to the song’s lyrics – it takes a while to paint a clear picture, but that works in their favour. You listen again, and again, and by this point you feel like you know the whole thing – you’re effectively addicted, and involved for the long term.

Simple short lines and a call and response style performance that moves between the lead singer and the backing vocalist help add dynamic to an already energizing rhythm and a musicality that rains down with beautiful intensity. A live show from CIVILIANA is likely where this would really start making waves. I look forward to the longer project.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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