La Sinclair - Won’t Let Go - Stereo Stickman

La Sinclair Won’t Let Go


Something like an underwater soundscape kicks off this sublime new single from La Sinclair. Then comes the quickly engaging groove, a softly soulful, seductive vocal line, and a lyrical backbone that leans back and forth between exotic and familiar.

Won’t Let Go is an unusual track, but it plays this card with confidence and style. There are sudden moments at which the beat falls away, laying bare a change in melody, a change in tone and passion, and these kind of instances are what really help elevate the song to greater plains.

The whole single works its magic in a hypnotic way. The subtlety is a huge part of this, the vocals and the beat are delicate yet striking, the set-up and structure become quickly familiar – holding close to a central energy, yet meandering in a soothing fashion throughout.

This balance between soul, a heartfelt intimacy, a longing, and the quirky, creative nature of the ambiance, helps make this a defiant stand-out from 2020’s releases to date.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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