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L.O. Heemz What Happened


The first twenty seconds of this release from artist and rapper L.O. Heemz presents audiences with a raw and vintage ambiance; no beat, no vocals, just the crackle of an old piano part – a bare and dreamlike musicality that sets the mood for what follows superbly.

Once the artist’s leading voice kicks in, the beat hits simultaneously, the character and confidence and style come through immediately, presenting this unquestionably smooth and deeply heartfelt bit of lyricism and songwriting – the likes of which are only ever stumbled upon at such a high quality every once in a while.

When L.O. Heemz raps, you listen – not purely because the soundscape lays it out as so, but because there’s an urgency and realness to his voice; you believe in these words, you can hear the passion, and the whole experience feels like you’re listening to a long lost, alternative hip-hop release from way back when. The song’s hook adds an element of gritty r& b to the mix, a perfectly fitting melody that makes for a strong contrast with the verses and increases the overall impact of the track.

What Happened¬†showcases a master of storytelling, a skillful and reflective artist crafting what turns out to be a hugely effective and moving piece of music. The strength of the lyrics is insane, so much so that you’re likely to question the way in which you received other offerings of lyricism that now seem to so clearly fall below par.

L.O. Heemz has soul, and this is what’s missing from so much of modern music. His writing speaks of a passionate and truthful life, nothing is there to make waves or to grab attention, nothing is loud when the mix is mellow; the power comes through in the writing, the structure, and the performance. The music, the artistry, does the work. Highly recommended and likely to leave you listening on repeat for the foreseeable future.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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