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Kynn Jacob (Feat. Bryan Shortell)


Fresh from the album Road to Carnegie Hall, Jacob is an unforgettable song that categorically leaves its sound and concept lingering in the mind of the listener – long after the music has stopped.

Fusing an organic rock backdrop with the rhythm and poetry of rap, Jacob is a musically unique yet brilliantly satisfying composition, and this is all before you even get into the underlying story-line.

Jacob is an anti-bullying track that rightfully makes no apologies for calling out the needless and destructive act of bullying. The song’s subject, Jacob, is focused upon throughout – the verses detail the turmoil he’s been put through, then the hook resolves to hear him cry out let me go – a moment that sees the full-throttle weight of that rock aura swing into centre stage. It’s a powerful hook, and as suggested – the entire instrumental set-up has been designed to cleverly represent and highlight the pain and struggle of being bullied. This is done via a skillful use of contrast – the verses pave the way with a melancholy level of anticipation, towards the drop to what is an undoubtedly immersive and striking hook section.

The song evolves to become an absolute anthem, and rather than leaving you dwelling on the difficulty, it strangely offers a sense of unity and togetherness in being so bold and artistically poignant. Bryan Shortell’s vocals on the hook help give the release the genuine passion and power it needs to break through the noise and hit with impact. A great way to draw attention to a topic that rings far too loud for so many young people. A superb song, well worth a listen.

Bullying is a choice. What side will you represent? Let’s take a stand together to stop bullying and let its victims know they’re not alone.

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