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Kyle Mikolajczyk Echoes In Eternity


Masterful guitar-work incorporates not just a faultless command of the fretboard, but a limitless understanding of space and the emotion required to make music that hits with impact. It showcases ability, whilst offering a performance that’s deeply moving – takes on a feeling and runs with it, whether reflective or fast-paced and intense.

When all of these qualities unite, the sound of a mellow, soul-rock ambiance and melodic lead, lightly blessed by reverb, can make for a captivating and inspiring listen; and that’s precisely what we get to experience with Echoes In Eternity.

Aptly-titled and wonderfully expressive throughout its meandering journey, Echoes In Eternity maintains a strong groove throughout a standard three-minute forty-one timeframe, yet within this explores the instrumental journey or implications of the title.

As a lyric-free listen, the music leaves plenty to the imagination of the listener, and that’s where things get all the more interesting – to each their own venture. However, the overwhelmingly calming tone and brightness of the completed track, backed by the equally beautiful visuals, can also make for a simply uplifting go-to. There’s nostalgia in the style, but it’s ultimately timeless, and the melodic development is undoubtedly fresh enough to feel like a whole new composition.

Beautiful music, organic and purposeful, skillfully delivered. Well worth a few streams this season.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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