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Kyle Jaymes Windbreaker


Shifting gears entirely, an ever-impressive Kyle Jaymes takes on the lo-fi embrace of electro-pop with this smooth yet still poetic and melodically on point new single.

Dreamy production, ethereal layers of warmth and delicacy meet with a softly expressive, familiar vocal, for an intimate look at personal reflection and longing.

Beautifully captivating lyrically, something you notice in particular as the middle-8 sees the instrumental fall away to lay bare Kyle’s blissfully reflective, enchanting lyrics, the new release shines a whole new light on the Kyle Jaymes corner of creativity. Far from what was expected but brilliantly engaging and increasingly likeable nonetheless.

Not many artists can meander so confidently between genres, showcasing versatility without losing their essential threads of identity and audience respect. Kyle Jaymes, musician and songwriter of undeniable talent and intention, masters this quality.

Windbreaker is beautiful, refreshingly honest in its depiction of the subject matter, committing to the concept in both style and lyric – with a cleverly contemporary edge of design. An artist after our own heart.

Check out Kyle Jaymes on Bandcamp, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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