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Kyle Jaymes Twin Flames


Two steps outward into energy and one careful step inward for a blissfully crafted folk-pop realm – Kyle Jaymes captures hearts uniquely yet again, with the revealing intimacy and increasing embrace of Twin Flames.

Rising up with humility but clear personal strength, Twin Flames begins as a quietly whispered outcry of uncertainty, and evolves through the stages of realisation and unity both in lyric and musicality.

The softly revealing nature of the story telling, the uplifting honesty and brightness – Kyle Jaymes always rather meticulously walks the line between the familiar and the unknown. With Twin Flames, there’s a timeless folk anthem feel to the build up through these gentle verses towards the satisfying rise and resolve of the hook.

There are also multiple lyrical references that feel familiar, but as ever Kyle has put his own spin on these. “The world’s my oyster and you’re my pearl” – a wonderful example, a concept and phrase we all know, recrafted in a subtly clever fashion for a more heart-wrenching, appreciative look at true love and adoration.

Simple and to the point, melodically catchy, suiting the now recognisable, even unmistakable tones of Kyle’s voice, Twin Flames has the makings of a lasting go-to – the kind of playlist contender that just fits, be it for the soundtrack to something else or as the essential emotive connection or escapism required during times of isolated contemplation.

These are the skills Kyle Jaymes so consistently masters with music. And in this case, the instrumental progression, and the production, are equally faultless.

A real pleasure to listen to at volume and indeed share with that special someone. Clearly personal, genuine, but accessible to the broader audience. The perfect balance.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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