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Kyle Jaymes Time and Money


The eclectic songwriter himself, Kyle Jaymes throws an unexpected left hook with this smooth and sultry change of direction.

The new single Time and Money brings together a somewhat nostalgic RnB verse melody, with dreamy production and equally ethereal vocals, to elevate that passionate conviction and heartfelt lyricism as ever, but to deliver an ultimately unique take on his reflective style.

Vocally the track is easy to pinpoint as Kyle Jaymes, that subtle identity rings loud in the tone, inflections and indeed the poetic intricacies of the writing. Otherwise, however, fresh production and a mellow, meticulous beat lay bare a retro pop design that again draws focus to the diversity of Kyle’s songwriting.

The latter half in particular sees the energy rise upwards, the vocal peaking in soulful longing, the music spiraling out and around us with these middle-8 repeats and the slow yet seductive stomp of the progression.

Easily an ear-worm and stylishly walking the line between the mainstream and the underground, Time and Money acts as a fine example of the talent, skill and integrity of Kyle’s approach to modern music.

The song is a pleasure to let play whenever it pours through the airwaves, but it’s also thought provoking and seemingly both personal and relatable. We delve into unrelenting ambitions and squandered opportunities with subtle poignancy. It strikes with a certain kind of timeless presence, which will no doubt allow Time and Money that same graceful embrace for months and years to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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