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Kyle Jaymes Throw Hands


“I’ve noticed lately I’ve been doing somewhat short of my best…”

The lyrical brilliance of Kyle Jaymes reaches new heights with this latest indie rock anthem – one that’s perfectly in keeping with the rise of long-form creative writing in the current indie pop scene.

Throw hands is superb, increasingly passionate, edgy and poetic – an explosive level of power and vulnerability all united, for a style that feels performative and productionally reminiscent of 2021’s After The Bomb.

Kyle Jaymes is unmistakable as an artist, and refreshingly authentic and humble at the very same time. His songwriting and musicianship consistently promise versatility from one track to the next, but always that central voice, in lyric, structure and tone, remains distinctive.

Across the releases of the past year, that eclecticism has veered towards various new genres, but with Throw Hands, we return to the indie rock twist of intensity and self-scorn that’s beautifully honest; even with a twist of something Hobo Johnson-like at its crescendo.

Throw Hands screams out on behalf of the outcast, the isolated and the uncertain, the hopeful and the painstakingly lost. It’s a beautifully crafted anthem, ranging from wholly distorted guitars and drums right back down to the acoustic finger-picking showcased in many of Kyle’s covers and performances on social media.

Work ethic and talent forever intertwine, resulting in one of our generation’s most interesting, capable and engaging songwriters. Throw Hands is mighty – a contemporary emo rock energy with a lyrical cleverness and performative grit that captivates. Hit play and save it to your collection.

Listen to out Stickman Sessions Podcast Episode with Kyle Jaymes. Find Kyle on TikTok, Instagram & Bandcamp.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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