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Kyle Jaymes After The Bomb


The unassuming yet emotive song-writing of Kyle Jaymes strikes again, this time in the form of a uniquely arranged pop-rock track that slowly evolves and explodes into new realms of expression.

Fantastic writing, first and foremost – simple at first, likable from the outset, soon following a meandering melody to various passionate peaks. Also lyrically, the whole thing is incredibly poetic, poignant, interesting, and this is increasingly true as the track progresses.

Style-wise we get a crisp, clean acoustic strum for the intro, that indie-pop vocal inviting in its warmth and authenticity. Then there’s the distorted fuzz and intensity of the bass, the absolute and equal mayhem and weight of the drumline, and the awesomely hypnotic, satisfying progression of the song itself.

The vocal melody, the emotion with which Kyle performs, links beautifully with the fascinatingly provocative and topical nature of the lyrics. The song feels all at once incredibly personal and relevant to all of us. In example, though so many of the lyrics reach out with power, “Living like this keeps me ill” resounds as a near-falsetto peak, right before the fall back to acoustic softness, and it kicks in for this placement – it lingers, it engages, it’s memorable.

As with Kyle’s previous release Motivation, the very structure of the song allows apparent simplicity to be completely overwhelmed by sudden complexity and musical immersion. In short, the song feels like a few different moments in one, but ultimately it works to connect, to offer understanding and escapism, in the form of a fuzzy yet melodic outcry on our behalf.

After The Bomb has a kind of pop-punk energy and weight, and Kyle’s voice suits this brilliantly. Meanwhile the music makes its own rules, distortion and acoustic intimacy uniting or working against one another for artistic gain.

A storyteller for the times we’re living in, Kyle Jaymes is quickly becoming one of our most relevant and compelling indie artists.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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