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Kxng Vici The Contact


From the gritty and cinematic to strong grooves and classic rap tones, Kxng Vici keeps things authentic and hard-hitting, with his gripping new album The Contact.

Intro sets the scene well and lays out a foundation for truth and purpose, before the nostalgic rhythm and bass of Deathrow Chain pours through and captivates for both musicality and the clear character in Kxng Vici’s delivery.

Stylish yet of depth, loaded with personality but also stories and even catchy hooks for a multitude of memorable anthems, The Contact showcases confidence and heart united throughout twelve original tracks.

Consider the emotive calm and soulful, melodic undertones of To live and die in L.A. 2 – a personal highlight, softly poignant in its story-telling and vast relevance to current times. Again Vici puts in a mildly theatrical, devoted performance, varied in flow and passionately connected to the subject matter, and it’s this quality, amidst the humble strength of the music, that draws you in and keeps you listening.

We’re into the meat of the collection now, Kxng Vici’s vocal style and tone unmistakable regardless of mood or topic. I Don’t Care explodes into action with a fresh soundscape and another anthemic chant of a hook; a completely new approach, yet still that recognisable voice guides things along.

Other highlights include the darker vibes, versatility and wordplay of a scornful and again cinematic Free C Mac, and the intimate late-night aura of You Know I Need Yuh. Then there’s the sudden brightness, energy and outright swagger of Northside – another favourite, naturally standing out for its sound-design and boldness of delivery combined.

Towards the closing moments we get a gritty hit of reflection and self-awareness with the moody tones and honesty of Snakes, then the upbeat groove and imagery of Blue Shoe Strings is quick to leave its mark – another catchy rap anthem with a quirky touch of originality to the writing and scene-setting.

This is something Kxng Vici is the master of – setting the scene, laying out the details and compelling his audience with real-time story-telling and simple yet satisfying musicianship. F Them further secures that quality, bringing things to a contemplative yet rhythmically on point finish that’s again memorable in its minimalist yet intentional state.

The Contact impresses, feels both timeless and contemporary in its references to modern life alongside the classic humility of each track. Well worth escaping into this season.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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