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Kruize Brown Baby / BLM


Prior to the release of the brand new album Ten Fold, and the upcoming single BERRIES & CHERRIES – expected July 30th – rapper and artist Kruize has offered up a handful of originals and some remixes to hit the scene with impact.

Classic beats meet with a cleanly mixed vocal style and a tone that humbly allows the confidence of the lyrical outpouring to stand tall. Take Em To The Kaine makes for a bold introduction, a King Von remix that reaches out like a freestyle – relentless and breathless as its scene sets and story tells with poignancy and personal intensity alike.

Earlier this year also saw the contrastingly emotive, piano-led and soulful Brown Baby / BLM emerge – a captivating deeply relevant single, with superb production fusing yesteryear with the hardship of contemporary life for many.

Here Kruize adopts a more intentional deep dive, blending the personal and the broadly accessible, layers of violence and struggle with personal optimism and a burning desire to speak out. A quietly powerful take on recent events, and a really well-crafted indie track with a heavy sense of realness.

Other impressive releases include Ten Fold Freestylea brief downpour, injecting more versatility as Kruize rocks the mic over a seductive beat and showcases a simple love for the performance and improv process. There’s character in the voice, a recognisable quality to the sound and the writing. The upcoming album is likely to bring together these threads of identity all the more so.

Check out the singles via YouTube. Check out Kruize on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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