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Kristi Jacques Faith


The awaited return of indie rock songwriter Kristi Jacques brings a whole-hearted and musically bold explosion of optimism.

Featuring a huge production and an instantly high-energy level, the inspiring release Faith distantly mixes Kristi’s vocals, to present a humble shift towards the nostalgic arena rock of a simpler era; whilst maintaining that emotional honesty and personality at the forefront of her repertoire.

Faith speaks out on behalf of the value and magic of believing in better – holding onto the light at the end of the tunnel, and staying focused on taking steps towards it whenever things get difficult.

Always distinct and standing tall on her integrity as a creative rock artist, Kristi Jacques forever brings the high-octane rock anthems to the indie realm. Faith continues that approach, and furthers the songwriter’s defiant sense of positivity and inspiring sentiments within an often more surface-level modern scene.

Faith kicks into gear quickly, a mellow and poetic ‘I travel this life alone, into the unknown’ starting things off with intrigue and relatability. We soon shift gears from this melancholic reflection though, for the power and uplift of the chorus – ‘close your eyes, say a prayer’ redirecting things towards possibility and warmth.

Great guitar work really shines well throughout Faith, a subtle but effective riding solo between vocal moments proving a modest highlight, supported by a full arrangement and production of strings, bass, echoing backing vocals, and resounding details – all of which helps elevate the celebratory sense of Faith the single encapsulates.

Written from the heart and directly reflecting upon what it takes to escape the weight of personal turmoil, Faith is authentic and honest, but also broadly relevant and easy to be made your own. Kristi Jacques has always mastered that balance well, and Faith delivers on everything its title promises.

‘A little light is all it takes – burning bright to guide the way; just have a little Faith.”

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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