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Kris Angelis That Siren, Hope


Even during the final few weeks, these last gasps from a long year, some of 2019’s very best songs still seem to be just now emerging.

Kris Angelis is an artist whose music always impresses – engages, calms, fascinates. This particular release though, seems to be in its own league entirely.

Offering a fine balance between poetic imagery, vagueness, and emotional, personal detail, That Siren, Hope is classically folk-inspired in the nostalgic and hypnotic manner in which it utilizes language; it’s a refreshing, unusual way to tell a tale of, ultimately, false hope, realization, and sadness.

Building up with a casual rise from organic, clean simplicity, to an equally subtle yet powerful surrounding warmth and energy, the musical rise of That Siren, Hope is as powerful and captivating as its lyrics; and both are beautifully in tune with Angelis’ own compelling and mighty vocal performance.

Everything about this is beautiful – the build-up, the way the story artistically showcases itself; offering hope, a seemingly optimistic verse, followed by the ultimate disappointment yet resolve of the hook. It leaves you satisfied yet melancholic. It fills the room with passion, a call out for something better and a simultaneous out-cry at the occasional hardship of truth.

Kris Angelis has written a stunning song here, stylistically tipping its hat to the likes of folk legends from throughout the past few decades, yet lyrically and performance-wise creating her own undeniably unique and original take on the process. Wonderful writing, gorgeously arranged and captured. I look forward to hearing where else the music takes Kris in 2020 and beyond.

Like a minefield full of fireflies, drawing me in when I should flee…

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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