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Kris Angelis I Hope I Never Fall In Love Again


Kris Angelis returns this season with a quickly appealing and brilliantly memorable new single.

Kicking straight into gear with that title line, and a rising and falling melody that offers a subtle blues swagger alongside a satisfying musical development, I Hope I Never Fall In Love Again soon progresses from good to great, seeing Angelis’ vocals rise up to the true grit, angst and passion that is inherent in the song’s story and concept.

Contrast is utilized beautifully, from subtle, calming and gentle beginnings, to powerful resolves that hit with superb impact, the entire track is arranged flawlessly, and performed to a masterful degree. It also manages to effectively walk the line between mainstream and alternative music, providing further artistic appeal and helping build something genuinely refreshing.

Leading with a touch of that country twang, a blues or folk-like soundscape, a quietly uplifting shuffle of a rhythm, and an almost trip-hop-like aura on the whole, the song strands tall on the strength of its own concept, and Kris Angelis more than delivers.

Brilliant, a personal favourite so far.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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