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KRAMPAR Death Is Not Scary, Dying Is


Iceland rock outfit KRAMPAR encapsulate the turmoil of their name and story with a leading single that quickly and poetically enthrals from the outset.

Translating as SIEZURES, the band was formed out of personal struggle, and the single Death Is Not Scary, Dying Is directly reflects upon the experiences of the singer. The front-man suffered from an AWM in the brain during 2015, and subsequently went through an excruciating 14 hours of laser surgery, remaining entirely awake throughout.

Conceptually the song intrigues, draws you in for its realism and poetry, the personal touch and the accessible humanity united. Stylistically we’re also immediately allured though – a quickly engaging riff, the nostalgic alt-rock sound of anthemic bands from a simpler era. Then comes the quiet drone of a leading voice, again nostalgic in its humble, haunting relaying of the details.

The sound is vastly likable, immersive and hypnotic for this ethereal authenticity it exudes – live guitars, bass, drums, but a clear sense of distance in the reverb, subtle distortion, and the placement of the voice.

Featuring short lines that slowly but surely provoke contemplation, Death Is Not Scary, Dying Is proves an accessible, awakening and strangely inspiring song, with a timeless alt-rock depth and darkness united amidst the ache and openness of the writing.

Wonderful, refreshingly pure and real, musically faultless. I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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