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Konstantin Dobriak Dreams


Instantly capturing a sense of joyful possibility, composer Konstantin Dobriak delivers a string-led arrangement of rising warmth and vibrancy, for the inspiring and aptly-fantastical Dreams.

Featuring quick-fingered melodic threads, acoustic and light, Dreams introduces both a skillful musician and a thoughtful, original composer. The journey is vast and appears to consistently evolve, but always it maintains these layers of familiarity – recognizable riffs, if you will, that give the piece an instantly recognizable backbone.

All at once cinematic and simple in terms of the space and minimalism of the set-up, Dreams has the power to provoke a wandering imagination, whilst also being more than well-suited to accompany scenes of movement, growth or possibility in some newly-crafted visual venture.

An impressive debut, celebratory and fusing elements of the natural world with a more science-fiction-like twist of colour and innovation, Dreams speaks volumes on what we can anticipate from the skillful Dobriak in the coming months and years.

Grab the single via Apple or find Konstantin Dobriak on Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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